Masque of the Four Seasons by Walter Crane
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What people are saying: "In a world in which many women are struggling to find a spiritual connection that makes sense to them and a connection to their own self-esteem and empowermentJhenah has offered a path that pulses with ancient wisdom and modern relevance... In terms of ancient wisdom, Jhenah's scholarship is impeccable. In terms of modern relevance, her insight is inspirational."
— Tiffany Lazic, Kitchener, Canada

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The joy of all that is Avalon is a powerful song in the heart of all who are called to seek her shores. Beyond the mists of distant memory, the Island of Apples awaits .. The renewed quest for the Otherworldly vessel of Transformation brings with it the blessings of Awen -- the Divine spark of Inspiration.

Here then is a sharing of some of the fruits of mPriestesses by William Morrisy personal journey into the Mysteries of Avalon. This site contains some of my writings and publications ... music and art... workshops and trainings ... resources and recommendations -- all inspired by over two decades of dedication to the work of the Sacred Isle and in service to the Lady. It is my hope that there may be some small seed of something on these pages that will inspire you in your own quest for Ynys Afallon -- the Island of Avalon.

                        Jhenah Telyndru


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Painting: “Masque of the Four Seasons” by Walter Crane, 1845-1915